Faculty Profiles

Our professors are internationally respected and hold PhDs from world-renowned universities. Their insights and perspectives will inspire you to pursue innovative business ideas.

Research and Teaching

Our faculty members are active researchers with high international impact. They serve on the editorial boards of leading operations management journals, including Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management etc.. They are also frequent contributors to these and other elite academic journals.

Prof Shaohui ZHENG Chair Professor (Ph.D., Columbia University) Research interests: Supply chain management; interface of marketing and supply chain; production and quality control; applied probability models
Prof Kai Lung HUI Chair Professor, Senior Associate Dean and Acting Head of Dept. of ISOM (Ph.D., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Research Interests: Information Privacy and Security, Economics of Information Systems, Electronic Commerce
Prof Lancelot JAMES Chair Professor and MSBA Academic Director (Ph.D., The State University of New York at Buffalo) Research Interests: Bayesian nonparametric statistics and machine learning; Combinatorial stochastic processes; Financial econometrics, Latent feature and relational models.
Prof Ying-Ju CHENChair Professor (PhD, New York University) Research Interests: Socially responsible operations, operations-marketing interface, supply chain management analysis
Prof Yingying LIChair Professor (Ph.D., The University of Chicago) Research interests: Asymptotic statistics; Financial econometrics; Financial risk management; High-frequency data; Volatility estimation and market microstructure; Statistical inference for stochasticprocesses)
Prof Xinghua ZHENGProfessor (Ph.D., The University of Chicago)Research interests: Random matrices; Random walks; Statistical inference for financial models; Stochastic interacting particle systems
Prof Xuhu WANAssociate Professor (Ph.D., University of Southern California)Research interests: Dynamic inventive in contract design; Financial contracts; Financial engineering; Private equity investment
Prof Jing WANG Associate Professor (Ph.D., New York University) Research interests: Crowdsourcing; Data Mining; Social Networks; User-generated content; Web-based behavioral experiments
Prof Carlos FERNÁNDEZ - LORÍA Assistant Professor, Information Systems (Ph.D., New York University) Research Interests: Automated decision making, Statistical inference for treatment assignment policies, Causal inference, Interpretable machine learning.
Prof Baoqian PAN Associate Professor of Business Education and MSBA Associate Director(PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Research interests: Bayesian analysis; Cluster analysis; Nonparametric regression; Data analytics; Survival analysis
Prof Song LIN Associate Professor, Department of Marketing (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Research interests: Pricing; Advertising; New products; Platform designs; Information economics
Prof Christopher J.S. DORAN Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Management Former Director of Strategic Planning and Development, A.S. Watsons MBA, INSEAD
Prof Joon Nak CHOI Advisor to the MSBA Program Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Management (Ph.D., Stanford University) Research Interests: Organizational theory; Social networks; Strategy; Multinational management; Globalization and world cities; Financial markets; Political economy
Prof Coral PUIG GARRIGO Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Over 20 years of innovation and marketing corporate experience, across diverse industries, including FMCG, Personal Care, Fashion, Pharma, and Hospitality
Prof Lucy XIA Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Princeton University)Research Interests: High-dimensional Statistics, Machine Learning and Statistical Applications to Social Science and Biology
Prof Khai San Banh Adjunct Associate Professor CEO Sprint Milestone. Formerly senior executive, HSBC Retail Banking Asia-Pacific.
Prof Akihiko Katayama Adjunct Associate Professor Co-Founder Sprint Milestone, CTO BaronsAI, Formerly digital leader PwC China and AlixPartners Asia