Message from Academic Director


The mission of the Master of Science in Business Analytics is to develop students into skilled professionals, highly coveted by firms, who are able to leverage data for value creation, optimizing decision making processes and driving effective strategy in a Business context. 

The program is designed such that graduates have mastery of requisite technical skills to execute data analytics. Equally, emphasis is placed on the development of business acumen. This means students will not only leave with technical expertise, but also have skills in problem formulation and solving, data storytelling and translation, and the ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders that lead to actionable insights. Well balanced skills crucial to a successful career in Business Analytics.

Students are prepared through a combination of an intensive academic curriculum taught by our world class faculty and carefully crafted mandatory workshops taught by both academic faculty and expert industry professionals. Workshops, involve innovative elements found in forward thinking corporate training programs, and are primarily delivered in the Summer and Fall.  This is to ensure that full time students have the necessary capabilities to confidently engage in internships in the Spring, while part-time students, who are interested in up-skilling, will have acquired sufficient skills in that same time period. Internships are not mandatory but highly recommended. Spring term courses focus on refinement of capabilities and involves opportunities for engaging in real projects with corporate entities.  Interested students may participate in a series of strategic consulting courses tailor-made for the MSBA program.

I am eager to welcome students to join us as an integral part in developing the future of Business Analytics.

Professor Lancelot F. James (LinkedIn)

Academic Director MSBA

Chair Professor

Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management