Message from Academic Director


The primary objective of the HKUST MSc in Business Analytics program is to ensure the utmost success for our students, prospective employers, and the program as a whole. We embrace technological advancements and are dedicated to providing employers with graduates who can immediately deliver tangible value through strategic insights, leveraging their knowledge of the latest tools and techniques in analytics.

The program equips students to bridge the gap between data analytic technical teams and business counterparts, with a primary focus on value creation for all stakeholders involved. Our rigorous academic curriculum, taught by world-class faculty, focuses on giving the students clear insights in to all stakeholder perspectives, allowing them to easily navigate between teams to solve problems. We foster the development of lifelong learning skills crucial in this dynamic field, which is heavily impacted by changes in technology.

To facilitate value creation, the program incorporates discussion-based courses that promote deep engagement and critical thinking. Additionally, we integrate mandatory corporate-style training workshops to further cultivate creative and strategic thinking, familiarity with data ecosystems used within corporations, and exposure to cutting-edge data analytics tools. Students have the opportunity to engage in real consulting projects with participating companies, allowing them to apply their skills in practical settings.

Furthermore, the program and students benefit from the active participation and guidance of our Corporate Advisory Board.

Professor Lancelot F. James (LinkedIn)

Academic Director MSBA

Chair Professor

Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management