Program Design

The HKUST MSBA program places a primary focus on delivering business value while also fostering the development of advanced data analysis skills and continuous learning and adaptation. Moreover, the program emphasizes the development of skills required to effectively interface with stakeholders from both the business side and technical teams. This inclusive approach, utilizing the strengths of our world-class business school, ensures that students from diverse backgrounds, including those with extensive technical skills such as engineering backgrounds, as well as those with more traditional business backgrounds, can benefit from the program.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between academic education and the professional world while producing exceptionally employable graduates. The program's distinctive curriculum is designed to be intensive, optimizing outcomes for one year of full-time study for recent graduates and two years of part-time study for upskilling and enhanced competitiveness.

The program accomplishes this through a blended curriculum that combines an innovative academic program taught by our world-class faculty with mandatory professional workshops in design thinking for business analytics, data management, and the latest data analytics tools, including Auto ML platforms taught from a business perspective. Importantly, there are opportunities for extensive practical experience working with major companies in our elective corporate consulting track sequence. The program experience for students is further enhanced by our active Corporate Advisory Board.