Corporate Advisory Board

Our Master of Science Program in Business Analytics (MSBA) is proud to have an esteemed Corporate Advisory Board comprised of industry top professionals from various fields who play a crucial role in establishing our MSBA as a practically relevant world-class educational offering. Our members generously offer their time, advice, and network to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education, relevant tools and skills, and are well-prepared for successful careers in the field of business analytics. Furthermore our Advisory Board represents a truly international community, with members hailing from various parts of the world and possessing fluency in multiple languages. We take great pride in the inclusive and diverse composition of our Board, as it reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive and globally relevant education in Business Analytics.

Academic Director – Chair Professor Lancelot F. James
Lancelot F. James | LinkedIn


Advisory Board Members

Meet our exceptional Advisory Board on the Master of Science Program in Business Analytics at the School of Business and Management, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Ms. Maria Hui

General Manager Human Resources, K11 Concepts Limited

Formerly Chief Operation Officer Microsoft Hong Kong
HKUST Alumni - MSc Information Systems Management
Maria Hui | LinkedIn

Mr. Ian Smith

Asia Head of Trading, Jain Global LLC

Formerly Chief Product Officer, Bullish (Hong Kong)
Formerly Managing Director - Head of Securities Electronic Execution, Asia, Goldman Sachs
Formerly Managing Director - Head of Electronic Execution, Citi
Ian Smith | LinkedIn

Mr. Rafael Frias

Global Head Personal Banking and Customer Life Cycle Management, HSBC (Hong Kong)

Formerly Group Head of Small Business, GNP SEGUROS (Mexico)
Formerly Country Head of Small Business Banking, BBVA (Mexico)
Rafael Frias 傅遠山 | LinkedIn

Mr. Nicholas Peach

Head of Markets & Investments, iShares and Index Investments, APAC. BlackRock

Formerly Head of APAC Equities Electronic Trading, Goldman Sachs (Hong Kong)
Nicholas Peach | LinkedIn

Mr. Amol Mhatre

Global Head of Intellectual Capital, Research and Innovation – Health, Wealth, Career, WTW (London)

Amol Mhatre | LinkedIn

Mr. Mike Mastroyiannis

Founder & Managing Partner TenX2

Formerly Founder and CEO/COO of Technology Start-ups (ConvenientPower, Traxon Technologies, Energybox)
Formerly Global CEO of Business units at Philips and Siemens
Mike Mastroyiannis | LinkedIn

Dr. Jike Chong

Chief Product Officer, Antidote Health (USA)

Formerly Director of Data Science, LinkedIn Hiring Marketplace
Formerly Adjunct Professor, Carnegie Mellon
Co-Author, How to Lead in Data Science
Jike Chong | LinkedIn

Ms. Yue Cathy Chang

AVP and Client Partner, Cognizant (USA)

Co-Author, How to Lead in Data Science
More info - Yue Cathy Chang, Author at Digitally Cognizant
Yue Cathy Chang | LinkedIn

Mr. Terence Ip

Senior Manager, Human Capital Analytics, AIA (Hong Kong)

Terence Ip | LinkedIn

Mr. Cam Walker

Head of Asia Pacific, Siden (Singapore)

Formerly Group Executive Director, iflix (Indonesia)
Cam Walker | LinkedIn

Mr. Jovan Trajceski

People Analytics, H&M Group (Hong Kong)

Formerly Director, Business Development APAC, Ekimetrics
Jovan Trajceski | LinkedIn

Ms. Namrata Chakrabarty

Vice President - Analytics Translator, OCBC Bank (Singapore)

Formerly Data and Analytics Director, Omnicom Media Group (Hong Kong)
Formerly Manager/Analytics Consultants Accenture (London)
Namrata Chakrabarty | LinkedIn

Mr. Ho Sun Lok

Senior Vice President - Global Lead in Valuation Control Digital and Innovation, Citi (Hong Kong)

HKUST Alumni, MSc in Business Analytics
Ho Sun Lok, FRM | LinkedIn

Ms. Nina Pavicevic

Partner, Managing Director, Enterprise Client Leader, Aon (London)

Nina Pavicevic | LinkedIn

Mr. Javier Loria

CEO and Mentor, Primus Data, Costa Rica

Javier Loria | LinkedIn

Ms. Lâle Kesebi

CEO, Human at Work

Formerly - Chief Communications Officer & Head of Strategic Engagement Li & Fung Limited
Lâle Kesebi | LinkedIn

Mr. Akihiko Katayama

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Chairman, Sprint Milestone Partners Limited

KH EMBA Alumni 2005
Akihiko Katayama | LinkedIn

Ms. Khai San Banh

Co-Founder and CEO, Sprint Milestone Partners Limited

KH EMBA Alumni 2012
Khai San Banh | LinkedIn