Alumni Testimonial

Ryan Hyong Uk Kim

2020 Intake
Company & location: Ekimetrics, Hong Kong
Current position: Junior Consultant

Working in the data analytics field, I found it very useful to learn various topics offered by the MSBA program. The knowledge of machine learning models, high-dimensional statistics, and the practice in Excel, Python & R are skills that I apply every day. Not only this, but the program also helped develop business analysis skills to understand data in a business mindset.


Mora Lin

2018 Intake
Company & location: Verint, Hong Kong
Current position: Business Consultant & Development Manager

I’ve got the best ROI out of the comprehensive HKUST MSBA program after several years of working in the Hospitality industry. It helped me break into the Information Technology and Consulting field by providing systematic knowledge and excellent foundation of Data and Analytics Frameworks. As of today, I’m still able to apply the analytical thinking that I learnt during the program into my current role as a Consultant and I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful study journey!

Joyce Wu

2017 Intake
Company & location: McKinsey & Company, Hong Kong
Current position: Assistant Manager

Though a fast-paced 12 months with the MSBA program, it was one of the most fruitful periods that I have spent among its enriched curriculum, job hunting process, capstone project, and university events. I appreciated the career service provided by the program, where I received valuable advice and prepared for the job market.

I have acquired several hardcore skills in data analytics and modeling. Most importantly, I learned how to break down and synthesize problems in different scenarios which has benefitted me in my career journey in management consulting.

I would be proud to say that the days and nights staying at HKUST library with my teammates in debugging hypotheses and testing model suitability has trained my persistence to get the toughest parts down during my engagement with clients.