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HKUST MSBA - Design Thinking Workshop

HKUST MSBA program is more than just a place for traditional classroom learning. We have arranged a series of Design Thinking Workshops to boost the creativity and innovative thinking of our students.


We are thrilled to invite Ms. Cristiane Ross & Ms. Kate Okrasinski to host the Introduction of Design Thinking on 27 September 2022. That is Phase 1- "What is design thinking," of the workshop. Students will then be divided into small groups to attend the remaining series of workshops in the coming Fall Term consisting of Phase 2- “Brief, Team development and Research”, Phase 3-“Synthesis and the ‘How might we’ question”,  Phase 4: “Ideation and Prototyping” and finally all the students will come together in December for Phase 5: “Storytelling and Pitching”. Cristiane Ross and Kate Okrasinski will be joined by Clara Aparisi to deliver the remainder of this enlightening series.

Equipped with Design Thinking skills, students will gain a competitive edge in the preparation of the next step towards their success.