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Winners and Finalists of MSBA students in CBSA-Wisers Analytics Challenge @HKUST 2022/23

Congratulations to our MSBA students who have successfully completed the tough and competitve journey in the CBSA-Wisers Analytics Challenge @HKUST 2022/23 to attain excellent and remarkable results as "Winner of the First place for Team X" and "Finalist for Greenconda"

CBSA-Wisers Analytics Challenge @HKUST 2022/23 is hosted by HKUST Center for Business and Social Analytics (CBSA) in partnership with Wisers Information Limited.  All finalist teams had challenged themselves to commit in a tight schedule from Nov 2022 to Feb 2023 and a 24-hour "datathon" to develop data-driven insights and proposals for innovative ideas in the theme of "Sustainability and Green Finance in Hong Kong".  

We are really proud of our MSBA students and alumni who are able to keep their momentum and passions, apply their professional knowledges learned in the MSc in Business Analytics for driving business ideas for sustianable growth.   Let's join hands to congratulate our students here.

First Place: Team X

Xi GONG (MSBA Student/HKUST), Ho Sun LOK (MSBA Alumni/HKUST), Tianhui SHI (MSBA Student/HKUST) and Jaingyue YI (MSBA Student/HKUST)

Finalist:  Greenconda

Jiaxuan CAI (MSBA Student/HKUST), Jiahao ZHANG (Fin Tech/CUHK), Peiran SUN (MATH, HKUST), Qinning WU (FINA/HKUST)