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MSBA enrichment talk: Microsoft COO Ms Maria HUI prompts us on how to use AI to enhance our human capabilities

We were delighted to have Microsoft COO Ms Maria HUI deliver an MSBA enrichment talk on 14 April 2023, where she spoke on the topic "Meeting the AI Moment: Microsoft integrates GPT and data to drive business impact." Ms HUI is not only the COO of Microsoft but also a member of our MSc in Business Analytics Advisory Board. 

Prior to the talk, our MSBA advisory board members (including Ms Hui, Mr Jovan Trajceski, Mr Mike Mastroyiannis, Mr Ian Smith, Mr Lok Ho Sun, and Mr Terrance IP), MSBA academic director (Prof Lancelot JAMES), HKUST faculty members, and senior management gathered for a coffee chat to discuss the recent hot topic on ChatGPT. 

During her talk, Ms HUI emphasized the importance of understanding what technology can do and highlighted how Microsoft has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research in AI and data usage. She shared some AI-powered business use cases, including Microsoft 365 "Co-pilot," and explained how AI can be integrated across different industries to turn meaningful innovation into actionable results in a reliable and trusted way, bringing positive impact to our society. 

Ms HUI's talk was a mind-blowing experience that challenged us to rethink the future of work and embrace the potential of Microsoft 365, ChatGPT, and AI to liberate us from mundane tasks and embrace our individual skills. Prof Lancelot JAMES expressed his excitement in developing the talents of our students and equipping them with state-of-the-art knowledge for thriving in this new age. 

We are grateful for Ms Maria HUI's insightful sharing, which enriched our students' understanding of AI and its business applications.